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The Questionnaires

The HUI3

The Health Utilities Index Mark 3 is a “multi-attribute health status classification system” and asks you to provide a single grading for yourself (usually from 1 to 6 or in some cases from 1 to 5) on eight attributes. These are


· vision

· hearing

· speech

· ambulation (walking)

· dexterity

· emotion (happiness)

· cognition (memory)

· pain


In all cases 1 is “I am (or feel) fine” and 5 or 6 are “awful” depending on the context.

The Brief Pain Inventory

The Brief Pain Inventory (slightly adapted for use in this study) poses twelve questions about the pain induced by your attack of Bell’s Palsy.


The responses are graded on a scale 1 (e.g. “no pain” or “doesn’t interfere with what I’m doing”) to 10 (e.g. “pain as bad as could be” or “interferes completely”) depending on the context.

The Derriford Appearance Scale DAS59

This is the longest questionnaire that we plan to give to you, but the questions are not difficult and many users say that the DAS59 comprises the most interesting set of questions that are posed to you (and they are certainly the most personal).


The 59 questions are scored in the main from “almost never” to “almost always” and cover aspects of self-consciousness and confidence that might be affected by your attack of Bell’s Palsy (e.g. distress when meeting strangers, feeling embarrassed with friends, or anxiety when on public transport).